Speaking to Dr Chesher about his experience with Ultimate Home Solutions it was apparent he was very impressed with the quality of services provided.
Having such a particular project it was important for him that the company he chose had great flexibility and reliability. We were able to meet all of his specific job requirements when other companies struggled or outright refused. Having multiple unusual sized window frames, combined with different sets of colour combinations on the uPVC frames.

Dr Chesher’s first contact with us started following up a marketing lead, having been quote shopping around other ‘big name’ firms. After being offered multiple ludicrous quotes from other firms, he was pleasantly surprised with our companies agreed price and contract terms.

“Like all customers who require a company to do a particular job in this case, double glazing replacements for my large house with an excess of 25 large windows.

It is always a gamble about which companies to select, in the case of Ultimate Home Solutions the salesman/surveyor was extremely well informed, had examples of the product and answered many questions that I put forward.

In particular, they were able to meet my specific requirements in terms of window shapes and size. And more importantly match the pre-existing wooden colour system of light oak interior and mahogany exterior. Whilst in the bedrooms they were able to do a white interior combined with the mahogany exterior. Few companies I discussed this with were able to meet these requirements. The job was estimated at taking 4/5 days and was completed on schedule with a level of professionalism and expertise that I was extremely impressed with.

The resulting product has undoubtedly reduced my drafts and given my home better insulation properties.

Throughout the installation process, there was one minor problem as one of the windows has been measured incorrectly. The fitters immediately identified this and the problem was rectified the next day by the company working flat out to rectify the problem. The replacements arrived by special delivery the next working day.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ultimate Home Solutions as a company to consider.”


Continuing to speak to Dr Chesher, he made it obvious we stood out as a company thanks to our individually sourced products giving us the ability to meet his very specific requirements. We did this by offering a huge set of options to choose from and giving us the ability to rapidly construct tailored windows thanks to our exclusive domestic partnership with the local manufacturers

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