Mr & Mrs Rinaldis walls were in desperate need of renovation. An all too familiar story of loose render and damage over time, they were needing immediate attention to protect their home. Here is how we tackle jobs like this.

Ultimate Home Solutions were contracted to complete the extensive repair and smart coating on the building. Preparation was key. All windows and doors were masked and protected initially. The walls were deep cleansed to remove all dirt, algae, moss etc. The extensive damaged areas on the wall were stripped back and re- rendered. Then anti-fungicidal wash is applied to the building to inhibit regrowth of algae and moss.

The first skin of the smart coating is applied and allowed to dry. This is the followed by a second skin. When complete the building looks fabulous but is also very functional; waterproof and breathable.

The manufacturer applies its own 10 year guarantee for peace of mind on completion of the job. Please note to achieve their level of guarantee, the work requires to be carried out by approved installers like ourselves.