Pro Perla Wall Coatings

We supply and install two main types of wall coating. Each coating is designed to help improve energy costs and protect your home. All Pro Perla coatings are installed by approved installers and come with a guarantee.

The first type of coating is an insulating Masonry Creme, a clear coat with insulating properties. A highly sophisticated coating system for use on brick, stone, concrete and sandstone. The product penetrates up to 17 mm into the substrate to provide a one-coat invisible insulation barrier. This coat has a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The second type of coating is a hydrophobic facade creme a two-coat coloured coating product for use on a range of wall types that require a coloured exterior wall coating. 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and a lifetime expectancy of 15-20 years.

Masonry Creme Features

Masonry Crème is designed by ProPERLA to help improve energy efficiency of walls. A surface treated with Masonry Crème will insulate mineral building materials by reducing water absorption. The product chemically bonds to the surface, penetrating up to 17mm to create an invisible insulation barrier.

This wall coating improves thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry -tests have shown that it reduces the water absorption by more than 95%. Keeping walls dry reduces heat loss and contributes to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Damp walls act as ‘thermal bridges’ – enabling heat to transfer from the inside out twice as quickly as it would if the walls remained dry. Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%, especially where cavity wall insulation has been installed.

A surface is considered super hydrophobic if a water droplet beads up (with a contact angle greater than 140⁰ and the droplets can slide aware from the surface readily (it has a small contact angle hysteresis). Super hydrophobic surfaces repel water, causing it to form beads because it is more attracted to itself than the surface. This means water will run off the surface making it extremely difficult to wet.

This is known as the ‘lotus effect’ due to its similarity to the lotus leaf but is also seen on duck feathers and butterfly wings.

Substrates coated with ProPERLA Masonry Crème will respond in the same way – water will form droplets and won’t penetrate the substrate.

-Abridged excerpt from ProPERLA website, for more information see:

Facade Creme Features

The latest technology, two-coat coloured coating product for use on a range of substrates that require a coloured exterior wall coating.

The superior technology mimics the ‘lotus-leaf’, repelling dirt and water to give a super hydrophobic effect, making walls self-cleaning.

  • Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on ProPERLA treated surfaces and will simply flow off with rainfall.
  • Helps to prevent discolouration and salt efflorescence
  • Makes it difficult for the growth of moss, algae or lichens
  • Slows the ageing or breakdown of the surface of the building

The masonry remains clean and attractive, even where it is exposed to extreme weather conditions including shade, high air humidity or sea salt penetrated air. ProPERLA Exterior Facade Coating is completely unaffected by UV rays.

The property will be weather protected and colour stable for many years. This product is available in a range of pastel shades – for example, Water Lily, Devon Stone, Pebble, Polar White and Cotswold Cream.

-Abridged excerpt from ProPERLA website, for more information see:

Application Information

Our installation team are ProPERLA approved installers, having undertaken training in order to understand the technical nature of these coatings.

By choosing an official applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

Official Applicator Key Benefits;
  • Accurate assessment of quantities of the product required for your project
  • Proper remedial repairs carried out before application
  • Professional cleaning and preparation of the surfaces
  • Professional spraying and application of the product with appropriate professional equipment
  • Reduces risk of costly coating failure
  • Provides a point of contact for post-completion assistance

You can find us here listed as offical installers:

Ultimate Home Solutions LTD are proud to offer our appraised no-obligation plan and design.

Together, we take our time to make sure you get exactly what you want down to the last detail. Our wall coating designs are all custom depending on property requirements, we can combine multiple types of coating for each wall type and also include wall repairs prior to applying any coating.

Any estimate we supply is final, there will be no hidden costs further down the line.