Electric Heating

We supply and install a range of electric heating solutions. Each heating option has been considered carefully for their respective running costs.

Our most popular heating system is our German made heaters which use a series of fire-clay plates to efficiently heat your home on a standard electricity tarrif. These continuously go through cycles to keep your house at a required temperature. These heaters heat via convection, warming the air throughout your house.

However, a more recent option is to install infrared heating panels. These heat similarly to the sun and transfer heat via radiation directly to objects in the room. These heating systems can be very efficient when compared to standard heating options.

German Made Electric Radiators

German made electric radiators are extremely high quality radiators with the longest warranty available of 30 years. The system uses a combination of integrated Fireclay plates and a thermostat to economically heat your home while being designed to run on standard electricity tariffs.

German heating Radiators cyclically generate and conserve heat within the core of the heater. The heat retention is achieved by a series of Fireclay heat plates in the centre of the radiator. Each heat plate has a coiled heating element totally buried within it, forming an integral part of the plate. Each heat plate has a typical power rating of 100 – 200 watts. When the electric heating system is switched on, the element gets hot, heating the storage plate within a matter of minutes. Once heated the heat plate will retain heat for well over 30 minutes, transferring heat to the metal casing and flutes of the radiator to draw cold air from the floor up through the flutes creating convection heat.

As the temperature drops in a room the built in thermostat senses the change and switches the heater on, perhaps for only a minute to re-heat the internal plates. This continual dynamic re-heat process continues maintaining the room temperature. The ability to sense temperature changes and react immediately is one of the great benefits of this type of heating. Because of the ability to heat up quickly and store heat, the use of electricity is limited and the cost of using the radiators can be just a few pence per hour.

Each radiator has a built in digital electronic room thermostat and 7 day programming system. Optionally they can be controlled remotely by radio frequency. The electronic thermostat is accurate to +/- 0.2 deg C and the timing system allows you to pre-set required room temperatures at specific times. Giving you a vast choice of interfaces for your heating system.

Infrared Panel Heaters

We offer installation of Infrared heating panels, which heat objects directly via radiation. These work like the sun, instead of heating up the air, the energy is absorbed by objects in the room directly warming them instead.

The infrared panels are available in many contemporary styles, a sleek glass look allows the panels to blend into any wall with many colour options available. Mirrored options are suited for use in bathrooms as are Infrared towel rails.

Tailored options are also available, by adding your own images behind the glass allowing you to turn your panel heaters into works of personalized art.

Ultimate Home Solutions LTD are proud to offer our appraised no-obligation plan and design.

Together, we take our time to make sure you get exactly what you want down to the last detail. Our heating system installations are custom depending on property requirements, we can combine different solutions to suit your needs if necessary.

Any estimate we supply is final, there will be no hidden costs further down the line.