Bay Windows

Bay windows can be traced back to the Gothic era, where they were used to bring extra light into private worship areas in Cathedrals. Similar principles are still applied today, both architects and homeowners love the extra light that this style of window supplies. Bay window installations are a superb addition to any home, whether designed with this in mind, or are retrofitted afterward.

The main feature of a bay window is that it protrudes out from the building, allowing light to enter the room from more angles, giving the room much more light for longer periods throughout the day.

Ultimate Home Solutions supplies and installs bay windows in a range of styles and construction materials. Including double glazed wooden or u-PVC sash & case designed to for traditional properties to u-PVC retrofit bay windows designed for modern properties.

Our bay windows are available in many styles and arrangements, including circular bow windows and custom frame sizes.

Our bay window installations come with an inclusive 10 year guarantee.

Ultimate Home Solutions LTD are proud to offer our appraised no-obligation plan and design.

Together, we take our time to make sure you get exactly what you want down to the last detail. Since our bay windows have complete customization available you can select a variety of options; from the frame type, construction material and style, right down to finishing options such as chrome handles.

Any estimate we supply is final, there will be no hidden costs further down the line.